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Delfin lee and Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation, Realizing A Vis

Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation was primarily 
Conceived to support the vision of the government to provide 
Housing for the low income Filipino family. With this in mind, 
Owners of the company decided to start its first venture on 
Residential housing project by developing one of its 
Properties located in San Mateo, Rizal. Named STA. BARBARA 
VILLAS I, a 100% socialized housing project, the subdivision 
Has been a showcase for the Housing and Land Use Regulatory 
Board (HLURB) for other developers because of its extensive 
Development and having passed all the required geotechnical, 
Landslide and erosion tests conducted by the Mines and 
Geosciences Bureau.
Today STA. BARBARA VILLAS I with a land area of 80 hectares 
Stands proud and tranquil a top the hills of Barangay 
Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, unaffected by natural calamities, 
Its residents composing of employees and their families from 
The government and private sector, enlisted personnel from the 
AFP and overseas contract workers as well, each of them 
Enjoying the fruit of their toils and fulfillment of a dream -
-- a house they can call their own.
As the demand for housing increases, the company continued to 
Support the thrust of the government by developing another 14 
Hectare property also located at Barangay Silangan, San Mateo, 
Rizal, 3 kilometers away from the STA BARBARA VILLAS I with 
The same name. Type of development is a mixed low cost and 
Socialized development aimed to cater the need for housing of 
The employees of the Office of the Ombudsman and Sandigan 
Bayan. Funding of this project was also approved by PAG-IBIG 
Subject of a MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between the company, PAG-
IBIG and the Office of the Ombudsman.
On August 4, 1995, a sister company which operates with the 
Same line of business category was established. Mr. Delfin S. 
Lee, President of Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation 
Together with his Malaysian business associates ventured again 
In the real estate industry, thus FILMAL REALTY CORPORATION 
Was established.
Today, ST. MONIQUE VALAIS located at Barangay Pantok, 
Binangonan, Rizal is a byword among individuals in the 
Metropolis who dream of owning a house and lot in the said 
Subdivision because of the finesse and cultured type of 
Development applied to the subdivision.
Middle of 2002 was a deciding period for the president of the 
Company whether to venture into high-rise development or not. 
DL as he is called by his associates made the boldest decision 
For the company to go high-rise. Heads of the engineering 
Department together with his consultants rolled and worked 
Round the clock for the preparation of the plans for his 
Brainchild ---- the GLOBE ASIATIQUE TOWER (G.A. TOWER) which 
Will proudly rise at #83 EDSA, Mandaluyong City.
Launched last January 31, 2003, this 30-storey G. A. Tower was 
Opened to the market and the 600- regular units plus its 29th 
& 30th floor penthouse units were SOLD OUT IN JUST 3 MONTHS.
Globe Asiatique Realty has once again come together to give 
Life to the idea of “luxurious living within our reach”. This 
Is the “CHATEAU VALENZUELA”, the 5-star condo-ville 
Development right in the city of Valenzuela.
Ideal for the Filipino people searching for SAFE, AFFORDABLE 
And HIGH-QUALITY homes to call their own, Chateau Valenzuela 
Is the perfect choice.
Chateau Valenzuela has 18 buildings, with each building having 
6 floors with a total of 84 units per building. Each unit will 
Be delivered FULLY FINISHED.
Launched this January 22, 2005, the G.A. TOWER 2, an identical 
Twin of G. A. Tower 1, and as of to date, 60% of the total 
Units are already pre-sold, a testament to the growing market 
For luxurious high-rise condo for the middle class.
Launched this January 19, 2008, the Xevera project of Globe 
Asiatique Realty envisioned to dramatically improving the 
Landscape of the Pampanga province. Only a short distance from 
The Diosdado Macapagal Airport and the Clark Field Special 
Economic Zone, Xevera offers the nearby workers and middle-
Income earners a chance to purchase their very own homes at a 
Price and financing package well-suited for their needs. 
Xevera is positioned to be a high-quality and prestigious 
Residential community offered at a very low cost. With its 
Housing units priced at only P750, 000, and combined with Pag-
Ibig’s low interest financing program, home owners will only 
Have to pay a minimum of P5,000 a month for them to acquire 
Their very own units. With this package, even minimum-income 
Earning families can afford to buy their own houses instead of 
Having to rent their units at almost the same cost.
The development of the Xevera project will not only improve 
The aesthetic aspects of the community, but will also uplift 
The lives of the ordinary workers as the prestige of owning 
Their homes will encourage them to further expand and improve 
Their lives. The safety and convenience of living in such a 
Community will also have its social impacts on the Pampanga 
Region as this could lead the way for further developments 
Within the area.
Launched this January 25, 2009, the Xevera Mabalacat a first 
Of its kind in the Philippines which promise to provide 
Quality homes at affordable prices to suit a lifestyle of 
Elegance and convenience.
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