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Baby Pomeranian puppies Available

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I got a male and a female Pomeranian puppies which I have raised 
\r\from birth for adoption to a nice family that can care for the 
\r\puppies and provide them with their needs. They are well trained 
\r\nans socialized and very good with kids. I have had so many 
Things \r\nin my mind right now and my jobs makes me to travel lot 
And I can \r\nnot carry them all the time, so I was looking for a 
Family where \r\nthey could take them and raised them as their own 
Kids. They are \r\nvery good puppies and you will enjoy having any 
In your home . send \r\nus and email for more details and pictures 
If interested \r\nhttps://khalidpuppies.com/
1) Pets and Animals►Pets►Dogs and Puppies
United States of America ► California
Puppies for sale\r\nPomeranian puppies for sale\r\n#teacup Pomeranian puppies
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