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St. Albert Couples Counseling

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HopeWell Psychologists understand couples and their experience. Every person has
an innate sense of belonging – we want to feel important and special to a
special someone. With this in mind, our experts use a researched based approach,
Emotionally Focused Therapy, in order to help couples regain their closeness,
trust, and reach goals. We provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment
in which we strive to understand each partner’s experiences and struggles. Our
psychologists help couples gain a greater awareness of their relationship,
enhance their communication skills, and teach couples to collaboratively solve
their problems. Through our use of Emotionally Focused Therapy, we provide
couples of all ages and life stages with the best method of couples counselling
in St. Albert.
1) Health and Wellness►Other
Canada ► Alberta
therapist, psychologist, mental health, couples counseling, depression, anxiety, psychological.
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