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Weight Machines and Balances

Post Free Ads to Buy or Sell New or Used Weigh Machines and Balances or View Classifieds of all Types of Weigh Machines and Balances at InternetLocalClassifieds.com.Weight machines are exercise machines that typically are comprised of several smaller apparatuses, such as pulleys, levers, wheels, and inclines. These smaller apparatuses are the means of conveying and manipulating the amount of resistance a person wishes to work against. Weights also play an important role in any weight machine. The stack machine, for instance, is comprised of several rectangular weight plates that are stacked and connected by a vertical bar drilled with holes at evenly spaced intervals. Holes in the bar coincide with a hole in each plate and are aligned by the placement of a pin or steel rod. Once a pin is placed in the connecting rod, the plates above the pin will rise when force is applied to the connected pulley, thus creating the desired affect of weight resistance. Plates typically weigh ten to 20 pounds and are labeled accordingly. Smaller removal plates of two to five pounds allow for further manipulation of weight resistance. Post your listings as Weigh Machines and Balances, Digital Weighing Machine, Electronic Weighing Machine, Weighing Machines, Buy Weighing Machine Online, Used Weighing Machines for Sale, Buy Weighing Machine, Body Weighing Machine, Weight Weighing Machine, etc.., at InternetLocalClassifieds.com.>

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