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The idea for starting Scale Model Cart and online die cast shop 
Emerged when we were scouting for scale models for ourselves that 
Were different and out of the ordinary. But wherever we looked, 
All we could find was almost the same diecast miniature scale 
Models, be it the Chevrolets, Ferraris or Harley Davidsons. Also, 
We wanted Diecast Collectibles which would be works of art; which 
Would liven up the insides of someone’s showcase and not be 
Stored in some box in the attic and also which were different 
From the conventional 1:18 or 1:24 scales.
We have scale models of automobilesof all classes:
•	Racing Sports
•	Military
•	Street
•	Taxi
•	Utility
•	Construction
•	Police
•	Public Transport
•	Cinema
The various types of die cast scale model vehicles which we have 
•	Cars –Vintage, Sports, Estates, Convertibles etc
•	Trucks and Pickups
•	Motorcycles
•	Buses
•	Vans
On the website, we have divided the scale model collectibles into 
The following categories
1.	Melange – an assortment of miniature models
2.	DesiFirang–Scale models of english vehicles which were in 
The Indian market
3.	Les Exclusives – Rare scale models which are difficult to 
Obtain from anywhere else.
4.	High Visibility –Die cast scale model cars which were 
Popular in the era. 
5.	Hot Sells – Our most selling scale models
Scale Model Cart has grown to be one of India's Premium Die-cast 
Scale model providers. The scales in which we provide our scale 
Models are 1:18, 1:24, 1:43, 1:72 and 1:76. We have also 
Categorized our die cast collectibles into various relevant 
Categories which will make it easier for the collectors, namely: 
•	Mélange - An assortment of scale model vehicles
•	DesiFirang- Diecast miniature scale models of foreign 
Vehicles manufactured in India.
•	High visibility – Scale Models which attract the most 
Attention on our website.
•	Hot sells – The highest selling scale models on the 
Scale model cart intends to offer scale models that are precise, 
Detailed and will form a remarkable piece in your diecastmodel 
Collection. Each piece will have its history and legacy. Our 
Catalog of diecast collectibles of automobiles extend from before 
The 1900s to the post independence era, Y2K and concept vehicles 
Driven in the future.
In short, everything we stand for is in our tagline – Diecast: 
Get more than the usual or as they say Zara Hatke.
1) Art and Antique Items►Antiques and Collectibles
2) Automobiles►Cars►Other
India ► Maharashtra
Scale Model Cars, Diecast Model Cars, Scale Model Cart, Diecast Collectibles,Diecast Cars India
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