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Hotel and Restaurant Jobs

Search for over Thousands of Listings on Hotel or Restaurant Job Vacancies and All Hotel or Restaurant Job Openings on InternetLocalClassifieds.com, which is a best online classifieds site. Post and view ads of different type of jobs and we connect your ads to the company employee recruiters to know how qualified for their job and calls you for the interview to select you once you get merit marks in all the rounds.

Hotel Job: Hotels are built for the temporary stay purpose of traveling persons or who comes on vacations during holiday times. The Hotel Industry is like with no other, with no end of job opportunities and it is everlasting. There are many job roles in a hotel from senior managers to the watchman's.

Restaurant Job: Restaurants are almost similar to Hotels but they differ in providing Hotel Rooms to stay. Restaurants are totally based on providing different recipies of food to the people who comes with hunger or who wants to have good and different kind of food which should be different from their home food. Every Restaurant have employees of different roles like Managers, Chefs, Senior Chefs, Cleaners, Servers, etc.

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Urgent Jobs Vacancies [Offer]

Urgent Jobs Vacancies Bouchard Inn Hotel Restaurant located in Rhode Islands ,...
Kitchen Help Chefs, Home Cooks, Foodies [Offer]
Experience[in Years] : 1
Gender : Male, Female

Kitchen Help Chefs, Home Cooks, Foodies La Quinta Inn & Suites Pearland is a platform through which homemade food is...
We are urgently looking for the services of trustworthy and reliable works [Offer]
Price [Currency] : 8000
Gender : Male, Female

We are urgently looking for the services of trustworthy and reliable babysitters, drivers,cooks, caretakers,gardeners,security guards,gate men,to come work in our...
Front Office Assistant, Receptionist [Offer]
Experience[in Years] : 1
Price [Currency] : 4500
Gender : Male, Female

Barman, Waiter, Waitress, Chef, Driver, Cook, Kitchen Assistant, Restaurant Manager, Front Office Assistant, Receptionist, Guest Relation Assistant, Room Attendant, Cafe...
Head barman of waiter needed to live and work in United States. [Offer]

Head barman of waiter needed to live and work in United States. Chef Waiter Waiter Cleaner Receptionist Room service Driver Gardener Please contact us with your CV if you...
Salary[in INR Rs/Annum] : 5000

This is a great opportuned moment for an exotic candidates(outside UNITED KINGDOM) who wish to work here in the United...
Barman, Waiter, Waitress, Chef, Driver [Offer]

Dear Applicant, The DRAYCOTT HOTEL urgently needs the services of devoted and hardworking workers, who are ready to work after undergoing...
Fred. Olsen Cruise Job Vacancy [Offer]

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines UK Due to Expansion,we are seeking qualified candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitude, passion for excellence and...

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