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Metal Detectors

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A Metal detector is a portable electronic device that penetrates the ground magnetically in order to find traces of metal. This metal could either be discarded pieces of aluminum or valuable coins, jewelry, or other buried treasures. Part of the appeal of using the device is this unknown factor, keeping amateurs and professionals on a constant scan for new sources of metal and more promising locations. These tools can usually penetrate sand, soil, wood, and other non-metallic substances, making most areas fair game for treasure hunters. A basic metal detector consists of an electronic box and battery case on one end, with a brace or handle for the operator's arm. An insulated wire wraps around a telescoping shaft and into a round plastic disk called the coil. This disk comes off the shaft at an angle, which allows it to be held parallel to the ground. The operator straps on or grips the electronic box and turns on the power. The idea is to slowly sweep the coil end over the ground until an electronic signal is heard. This lets the user know that some metallic element is buried directly beneath the area swept by the coil.

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MEGA G3-Gold & Metal Detector [Offer]

Introducing our latest model metal detector-the MEGA G3. It was designed for the detection of treasures and minerals such as...
GARRETT PD 6500i-Walk-Through Metal Detector [Offer]

GARRETT PD6500i is the newest, most reliable walk-through metal detector which are commonly used in events with high volumes of...
FRESH RESULT 2 Systems Device-Water Detector [Offer]

GERDETECT proudly introduces the world's latest technology for underground water detection-the FRESH RESULT 2-System Device. It is perfect for farmers, agricultural...
MEGA GOLD-Gold and Metal Detector [Offer]

MEGA GOLD is a high-precision and the latest metal detection technology specialized in detecting gold treasures in all terrain. It...
MEGA SCAN PRO Metal Detector [Offer]

MEGA SCAN PRO is equipped with advanced technology to meet the needs of researchers for gold ores, gold treasures, minerals,...
TITAN GER 400-Gold and Metal Detector [Offer]

Surprise for all explorers, prospectors, and researchers of gold, ancient treasures, caves and graves under the ground.Finally, your dream has...
TITAN GER 500-Diamond & Gemstones Detector [Offer]

For researchers of diamonds and other precious stones, we offer you the most reliable, easy-to-use modern technology which guarantees fast...
TITAN GER 1000-Metal and Treasure Detector [Offer]

Good news for all treasure hunters and prospectors- the hardwork and effortful searching has finally come to an end. GER...
New GROUND NAVIGATOR 3D Metal Detector [Offer]

3D Ground Navigator is a modern 3D Ground scanner and metal detector that has been manufactured exclusively by OKM Metal...

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