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There are Several Types of Projectors available. One among them is Digital Projectors. Digital projectors are the modern replacement to more traditional transparency projectors. Transparency projectors work by shining light through a semi-transparent material, such as slides or film. Digital ones, by contrast, project a digital image directly from a computer through a lens on to a screen. There are four technologies which may be used in these types of projectors. Eidophor projectors, used in the 1950s, were the first digital projectors. They used an oily surface in a rotating disk with light shining through it and employed an electron beam to disrupt the oil in a very precise manner. Although Eidophor projectors were a very primitive form of projector, they were nonetheless capable of producing color images. In the wake of much simpler, cheaper, and higher-fidelity devices, however, Eidophor projectors are no longer used.

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