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Transistors and Walkman

Do you love Transistor radios and wireless walkman phones? then, visit our platform InternetLocalClassifieds.com to buy or sell them at user affordable costs either on posting or viewing classifieds of these gadgets.

A Transistor is a semiconductor, differentiated from a vacuum tube primarily by its use of a solid, non-moving part to pass a charge. They are crucial components in virtually every piece of modern electronics, and are considered by many to be the most important invention of the modern age as well as a herald of the Information Age.

The wireless Walkman is a Sony product that has many imitators or close cousins. The Sony version resembles a pair of earphones, or more accurately, earbuds, that are not attached by a wire to an accompanying player. Instead, the device that plays music, is a tiny piece attached directly to the earphones. This allows people to listen to their favorite music without all the mess and fuss of getting tangled up in wires.

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